Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ultimate Kylie Minogue

Ok,I dont think i need to talk too much about this one.Good aul Kylie has been entertaining us for years,and gone thru many different image changes,musical changes and life changes,and everyone loves her (and if you dont your soul is corrupted haha).Everyones taste in Kylies songs is different,and everyone has a different fave song,i cant choose,Love nearly all of em lol.
So over these two discs you will hear evry single from "I should Be So Lucky" to "Giving You Up" hope ya'll enjoy,and try not do the "better the devil you know" dance routine,espically in public.....*cough*.....
Disc 2-
Tracklist Disc 1
Better the Devil You Know
The Loco-Motion
I Should Be So Lucky
Step Back in Time
What Do I Have to Do?
Wouldn't Change a Thing
Hand on Your Heart
Especially for You
Got to Be Certain
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
Give Me Just a Little More Time
Never Too Late
Tears on My Pillow
Tracklist Disc 2
I Believe in You
Can't Get You out of My Head
Love at First Sight
On a Night Like This
Spinning Around
Kids with Robbie Williams
Confide in Me
In Your Eyes
Please Stay
Red Blooded Woman
Giving You Up
Come Into My World
Put Yourself in My Place
Did It Again
Where the Wild Roses Grow with Nick Cave

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