Monday, July 13, 2009

Girls Aloud-Chemistry

This is Girls Aloud's 3rd album,Released in 2005 it cemented there staying power,this strong project spurned out many a hit single,and still has some great standout tracks left as album tracks."Models""Watch Me Go"(Written by JC from N*Sync) and "Swinging London Town" retain Girls Alouds in your face attidude and all deserved single releases as much as the tracks that eventually did.My personal favourite is "Its Magic" Nicola Roberts (The Red head) solo track,just a perfect pop song,Vocals and the music just work perfectly together.REALLY good track.Kinda like a Petshop Girl feel lol.Oh and look out for Nadines solo,the hauntingly sad "No Regrets"

anyway D/L and enjoy,ya wont be disappointed ;)

4."Wild Horses"
5."See the Day"
6."Watch Me Go"
8."Whole Lotta History"
9."Long Hot Summer"
10."Swinging London Town"
11."It's Magic"
12."No Regrets"
13."Racy Lacey"

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