Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ami Suzuki-Supreme Show

Ok another GREAT album ive been obsessing over the last few weeks is this,"Supreme Show" is the 7th album by electro gal Ami Suzuki.All the tracks are full on dance/trance,reminisent of daft punk,with a sweet vocal on top.Great album to throw on your ipod when your heading to the gym,"Climb Up To the Top" is garanteed to get your adrenalin goin.I Love it,so hope some of you out there enjoy it too. ;) x.
P.S Comment too people,would love to hear some feedback and see if people are actually comin on here lol

2.Can't Stop the Disco
3.Climb Up to the Top
4.Super Music Maker (SA'08S / A mix)
6.Change My Life
7.Love Mail
8.A Token of Love

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